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Document submitted to tenderers and reflecting tender conditions of procurement agency
An agreement by and between the relevant Executive Authority, republic, professional, industrial, or territorial association of trade unions and employers that defines the obligations of the parties to improve working conditions, provide employment, and to engage in joint activity for the social protection of employees
A written contract by and between an employer and a labor collective or, at its discretion, a trade union, governing employment, socioeconomic, day-to-day, and other relations within an enterprise
A disagreement arising from collective demands
Requirements tabled by employees or trade unions before employers, their unions or relevant authorities in connection with collective contracts, agreements, amendments thereto, their execution, and other labor and social issues
Is the sign or combination of signs, registered under the name of union, association or amalgamation
Structures defined as such under the Civil Code of the Azerbaijan Republic
The term «commercial shipping» shall be defined as activities specified below, carried out with use of ships: Transportation of cargoes, passengers, their luggage and mail; Production of resources of marine environment; Sea guide services; Offshore and sub-sea exploration and production of mineral resources at seabed and sub-seabed ; Towing, ice-breaking, search and rescue operations; Lifting of assets sunken in the sea; Protection and preservation of marine environment; Using of ships for other economic, scientific, educational, sport and cultural purposes.
Any movable assets, including currency, currency valuables, electric power and other kinds of power, means of transportation except those specified in paragraph 4 of this article
Widely occurring mineral resources in natural kind or those which underwent small-scale processing and are used for needs of local economy