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Person (entity) actually transferring commodities or responsible for the use of means of transportation
An execution mechanism of securing the budget earnings and their targeted utilization through the treasury, in accordance with the budget classification
Is a document, confirming totality of rights for the number of securities, specified in the certificate and issued by the emitter or by the emitter’s order – by the corresponding deposit-taker. The owner of the security on the basis of such certificate is entitled to demand the execution of the duties from the emitter
Shall be the persons at the age below 18
Shall be persons at the age below 18, who lost both parents as a result of death
Is a conclusion of property and legal transactions for the transfer of property right for securities
Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan with active voting right, and the persons, provided for in Articles 12.2 and 12.3 of this Code
As citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and persons without citizenship, as well as foreign citizens, working on labour contract basis at enterprises, independently of the form of property and economic mode on a corresponding specialty and profession
Process of reformation of requirements and liabilities, formed on payment amounts, transferred to one or several participants of payment systems or received from them, into one net requirements or net liability, representing their difference
Tender organised among limited number of potential bidders specified in advance by the tender’ organiser