The best tool for operating legal information now is the reference databases. LegalActs LLC will provide you with the necessary information on the entire regulatory legislative base of Azerbaijan and will also guarantee a systematic sequence on the updates and renewal of information.

The Electronic Database of Azerbaijan Legislation that was developed by our employees in 1996 is an intellectual product of the company.

LegalActs 5.1 is the latest enhanced version of the software. It allows customers to get the feel on the specifics of the local legislation and build their business within legal framework that is set by national legislation. Flexible technological solutions applied in the development of this product, allows customer to get oriented easily and quickly in the regulatory and legislative documents.

Most important characteristics of Database for users:

System based development of the database guarantees the authenticity of the electronic document with the official texts. All documents are entered only from official texts. Copies of all official texts are stored in the archive and can be provided to user as requested. Each new document is entered into the system only upon special multilayer check in the conformance with the original (proofreaders, lawyers, dedicated software). Such procedure for the revision of inclusion of documents into the system almost excludes the potential errors and mistyping.

The Database is provided as software on CDs and by website and contains the texts of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Codes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, changes and amendments to them, Decrees and Instructions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Resolutions and Instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Resolutions of the Milli Majlis, Instructions of the Ministry of Taxes and Central Bank, international treaties and agreements, contracts and agreements within CIS, regulatory documents of various ministries and agencies. At the same time the Database is daily updated with new published documents. The database also contains all previous releases of the published legal acts.

For many years of operation LegalActs LLC has acquired a wide audience of users both in the public and private sectors.

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