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Such form of fighting for the most favourable conditions of business activity between market subjects when their independent activities restrict seriously possibilities of each of them to influence general conditions of circulation of commodities in the market and to stimulate production of commodities which the customers need
Transfer of commodities or means of transportation, related to obligations of a person (entity) on observance of established restrictions, requirements or conditions
Potential or actual party to the procurement contract entered into with procurement agency
Consolidation on the paragraph-level of the expenditures and revenues of the of the state budget, budget of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, extra-budgetary transactions of the budget organizations in accordance with the functional and economic classification
A financial document, which covers certain period of time and reflects information about domestic sources of generation of funds and purposes they are used for
Are the financial statements of a parent and its subsidiaries presented as those of a single subject of accounting
Regulated quantity of energy resources utilized for concrete production, product, work and service
Discharge of articles, particles of solid substances, various wastes of the man-caused origin and domestic wastes , which aggravate the use of water objects
A voluntary amalgamation of powers and resources of participants for the achievement of their joint goals
An economic subject, set up and operating on the basis of voluntary amalgamation of powers and resources of either natural or natural and juridical persons with the aim of meeting their economic and social needs